Friday, August 20, 2010

Okmulgee County Free Fair Sept. 9-11

The Okmulgee Daily Times printed the Fair schedules this past week. For your convenience, the HCE booth section is reprinted below.

HCE and Open class exhibits may be entered on Tuesday, Sept. 7, from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and on Wednesday, Sept. 8, from 8:00-9:00 am (including plants but not livestock!). Judging will be Wednesday 1:00-5:00 pm. The Fair officially opens Thursday, Sept. 9, at 10:00 am.

2010 Okmulgee County Free Fair

Section HH

Home & Community Education Group Exhibit

Exhibits will be arranged by group in a booth. Booth space will be numbered and each group will draw for location of booth space.Each entry will be rated Blue, Red, or White. Points will be awarded for each rating. Blue award: 5 point, Red award: 3 points, White award: 1 point. HCE Group point totals will determine the money prizes for the group in the appropriate scale below. In case of a tie, the categories will be used as tie breakers. 10 points will be added for complete exhibit. Only those items being judged are allowed in booths. All exhibitors must be paid Okmulgee County Home Community Education members as of June 30th of the current year.

Section HH Premium Schedule

1st $55 --- 2nd $50 --- 3rd $45 --- 4th $40 --- 5th $35 --- 6th $30 --- 7th $25 --- 8th $20

1. Each booth shall have either solid white or cream backdrop, table cover, and any stands.

2. The booth will be judged without the club’s name on it. After the judging the club may put their name on the booth. The exception would be if an article that is to be judged has the club’s name on it.

3. Exhibits no longer have to have a personal label on them. The fair tag will be sufficient.

4. The most attractive booths will receive 5 extra points for 1st, 3 for 2nd, and 1 for 3rd.


1: Children’s Leisure or Sleepwear

2: Adult Leisure or Sleepwear

3: Adult Casual

4: Children’s Casual

5: Adult Dressy

6: Children’s Dressy

7: Hand Embellished Garment or Accessory

8: Machine Embellished Garment or Accessory

9: Adult Miscellaneous (example: costume)

10: Child’s Miscellaneous


1: Window Treatment

2: Recycled Furniture and/or Refinished Furniture

3: Quilt

4: Afghan

5: Comforter or Throw

6: Tablecloth or Table Runner

7: Placemats and Coasters or Napkins (2 or more)

8: Wall Hanging (ready to hang)

9: Houseplant

10: Flower Arrangement

11: Decorative Pillow

12: Miscellaneous Decorative Item


Completed exhibit will consist of 5 items. All canned exhibits must be canned in standard canning jars.

1: Tomatoes or tomato juice

2: Vegetables (peas, corn, soup mixture, green beans, okra, beets, etc.)

3: Fleshy or juicy fruit (apples, pears, peaches, cherries, etc.)

4: Relish

5: Preserves, marmalade, butter or jam

6: Jelly

7: Vegetable or fruit pickles

8: Sauces (catsup, picante, Italian, etc.)

9: Baked item (any type cake, cookie or bread)

10: Dehydrated food

Completed booth will consist of:
1: Clothing – 5 articles
2: Home Improvement – 5 articles
3: Food – 5 articles

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Changes to Blog

Our blogsite host has made some changes in the blog setup. Essentially, you should now be able to leave comments without trouble. If you still cannot leave a comment, please notify Karen. Also, I have added permissions for the following persons to post on this site: Sue, Dona, Terra.


Craft Bazaar set to Dec. 4

The annual Craft Bazaar has been set to Saturday, Dec. 4, 2010. The date change (from our usual 2d Saturday in November) is due to the renovation of the Morris Schools gymnasium, where the craft show is held each year. Vendor letters were sent out today after our monthly meeting.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

March Events

March 1 is the deadline to register and prepay for the district meeting on March 30 at NSU-Tahlequah. We are forming two carpools for those who wish to go; the meeting begins at 9:00 a.m. Registration of $17.00 (club will pay $7) must be prepaid; contact our treasurer, Dona.

On March 4 we have the Okmulgee county meeting, 5:30 p.m., at the fairgrounds. The theme is "Spring Is Sprung." Bring a dish to share at the potluck dinner. We will gather about 4:45 to decorate our tables.

March 9 (Tuesday) is our next day for working on our 2010 quilt. Meet at Sue's around 9:00 or 9:30 a.m. Bring a potluck disk to share for lunch. We will be setting together the 40+ squares created at our February sewing day. The colors are two shades of dustry grape and cream.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Minutes of January 21

Members of the Prairie Bell HCE Club met at 9:30 am on Thursday, 1-21-10, at the home of Ruth Edmonds. Attending were Terra Cecil, Laura Embrey, Brenda Gann, Brenda Edmonds, Clara Grundman, Ruth Landgraf, April Reeves, Carol Hardgrave, Sue Tardiff, Willis McGowin, LouVene Brooks, Dona Dillsaver, Valerie Naumann, and Ruth Edmonds. Meeting opened with prayer given by April Reeves and Sue Tardiff presided. There was no leader lesson. Ruth Edmonds read minutes of the November meeting. Copies of 2009 treasurers’ reports for both Prairie Bell and the county were passed out plus proposed 2010 county budget and this year’s scheduled events.

Calling list - Sue passed around a roster for corrections. She also had prepared an attendance record. It was suggested club reminders and minutes be e-mailed to all members having such service. For those without, after receiving a call, the member is responsible for notifying the next member on the non-e-mail list, who then follows same procedure. This will prevent one person spending hours on the phone. Meeting location was discussed. People did like visiting in other homes, but several said their homes were too small.

This year we are to entertain Henryetta. Oleta Donathan, their president, was contacted about entertaining said club in February and proposed dates presented. She will be back in touch with Sue after checking with her members. Plans made included having the party at Town and Country (April will put it on the calendar) and having a Mardi Gras theme since we did the same last year and have the decorations and will do about the same menu. A detailed list was made of needed items and who would provide what. Terra will take care of the meat. She and/or April will shop Sam’s for supplies. Specified members will pay for the cost of specific items or give a lump sum. Donna and Sue will make desserts, Jenny the guacamole, Brenda beans, and Sue cheese dip. Valerie volunteered to do games. Everyone is to bring a door prize.

Sue again volunteered to oversee the making of another quilt. She has blocks. Members will meet at her home on Tuesday, February 9, 9:30 to begin work on same. Everyone bring something for lunch. By starting early on sales it is hoped we can double the $600 we made last year. Question of recipient came up. Decision was to leave it “somewhat up in the air.” The Back Pack Program is well received and Dr. Hall’s family sent a very nice thank you note. However, we may wish to give half the proceeds to another good cause.

County Membership Meeting will be March 4. Prairie Bell is responsible for registration and name tags plus decorating our table. It is suggested members be there by 4:30. There will be another silent auction which was a financial success for the potable water wells project, Pennies for Friendship, at the Christmas Party. It is now hoped by putting out some extra effort Okmulgee County can collect as much as all the other counties combined. The small items sold well so county is asking clubs to bring one large basket or each member bring a smaller contribution. Theme is “Spring has Sprung.”

The Northeast District Meeting will be March 30 at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah. Guest speaker is Wilma Mankiller. Cost including catered lunch is $17. Some discussion on club paying $5 of each fee.

Taste ’n Tell: Discussion as to do we as a club want to chair this program or prefer a committee. Sue will propose to the county that Prairie Bell coordinate this year’s Taste ’n Tell. Dona and Sue would spearhead with Brenda E. helping as much as possible. The latter said her husband would again do the tickets. Considerable discussion as to restricting food to specific varieties or having a varied assortment. Brenda E. will check with First Baptist Church as to using their kitchen and hall. General agreement was price should be raised to at least $6.00. Some preferred $7.

State HCE will commemorate their 75th anniversary this year. Please bring your old pictures and/or clippings to the June County meeting.

Scholarships will be considered at a later meeting. Sue will have next meeting, February 18, at her home. LouVene Brooks will provide the dessert. Meeting adjourned

-- Ruth Edmonds, secretary, Prairie Bell OHCE Club Minutes 1-21-10
-- items in italics edited by blogmaster Karen Morris (primarily names, dates)